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Crocotool is a new skeleton multitool which was designed to make your life easier.

The main ideas which are included In this device are:

- High quality.
Evgeny Polukhin produces the multitools by himself and controls the quality of each item on each stage. 
The hardening made by Denis Frolov (Yanhook) - one of the most famous experts of the hardening in Russia. Each Crocotool hardened with deep cooling in liquid nitrogen. The contour cuts with EDM machine with program control which provides the accuracy up to several microns. 

- Usability. 
Each part of Crocotools is useful and could help solve different everyday tasks. There are no any useless things which was included just for marketing. The thickness of the cutting edge is 0,2 mm and it has the chisel cutting edge, so crocotool doesn't require big force for cutting.

- EDC. 
Crocotools are really comfortable for EDC because it was designed for this. For example the size of Crocotool wallet is less than size of credit card and the weight is 12 g only. So it would not burden for your wallet or key chain. 

"Generally I wanted to create small, light weight fixed multitool with premium steels which includes cutting edge, can opener and screwdriver. And I am glad to present corocotool, because I really proud of its quality and design. It is really unique product with so many features in so compact size."

                                                                                              Evgeny Polukhin

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